ABM Momentum for Nurturing HIMSS19 Leads

HIMSS19 is a part of your marketing efforts because you know a significant portion of your target buyers at your top accounts will be there.

With ABM Momentum, you can confidently and controllably reach all the right people at the right accounts with the right content to drive measurable marketing returns long after HIMSS19 is over.

This twelve-week campaign harnesses a technology-enabled account-based marketing methodology to allow you reach the full buyer collective at your target accounts – compounding on the interactions you’ve had at HIMSS19, and expanding your reach well beyond the 44,000+  live conference attendees.

ABM Momentum Gives You:

  • Ensured  awareness among key accounts via targeted emails, offsite display ads, and social posts
  • Brand credibility via sponsored HIMSS editorial content topically aligned to the interests of your accounts
  • Expanded distribution for your own content via targeted syndication on HIMSS publications
  • Valuable account insights via dashboards and monthly performance reports
  • Optional lead generation capabilities to identify new, or newly-engaged contacts at target accounts


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