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HIMSS TV is the first online broadcasting network, focused on global innovation and how technology is driving change in healthcare.

The network will launch at HIMSS18 bringing industry news, cutting edge initiatives and highlights from major HIMSS events. HIMSS TV will broadcast 3 hours of live television from the HIMSS TV News Desk at HIMSS18, and will re-broadcast three times throughout the day.

Programming will result in 300,000+ impressions, reaching conference attendees and healthcare technology professionals tuning in remotely on all monitors throughout the conference, hotel TV channels, HIMSS websites, social channels including Facebook, and YouTubeOTT- ROKU and Smart TVs.

And programming will not end with HIMSS18. HIMSS TV will run throughout the year with new programming added from major HIMSS events and industry thought leaders.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for every budget and include product pitch videos filmed at the HIMSS TV News Desk and interviews conducted at your booth. Through sponsorship, solution providers

  • Maximize exposure with HIMSS18 attendees and healthcare technology professionals following the event
  • Gain credibility through association with the established and highly regarded HIMSS brand
  • Generate professional video content that showcases your thought leadership and solution capabilities at HIMSS18 and beyond

Pre-roll video sponsorships are also available for HIMSS TV video content featured on HIMSS Media websites.

Package deadlines are approaching. Find out more today.

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